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Signatures for Keep Lisburn A&E open 24 Hours!

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1 MichaelMillar  
2 NathanDickson  
3 JordanRussell  
4 SamuelPalmer Risking lives to save a little money? Surely there are better places to make cuts than hospitals?!
5 AlexanderBrown  
6 LouiseKeery  
7 HelenGrogan  
8 LyleAnderson  
9 RachaelGordon  
10 jakepotter  
11 DeanPresho  
12 ClaireDonaldson  
13 joshditte  
14 RobertKristensen  
15 JonathanGilkinson  
16 patriciathompson whoever made the decision to go 9/8 with the A&E needs their head read! So now we are to have accident and emergency situations during working hours???? How many lives will this cost??? Too many if you ask me!
17 LynseyEllis  
18 JonathanFaulkner Everybody in the country is prepared to sacrifice to save the NHS as a whole. However, cutting the hours of this A&E will not work considering its closest neighbour is being closed completely. Too much of a sacrifice makes a big society an angry one.
19 KathleenSkelton This is ridiculous, doctors became doctors for a reason.
20 LauraAbernethy  
21 WillDaly What kind of A&E has opening hours?!
22 TonyBrown  
23 MarkEdwards I work in an a & e department, this is rediculous
24 JulianMoorhead  
25 CharliePerkins  
26 NebojsaVracaric i hope they dont close :( would be a shame
27 ryanrutherford absurd to shut something that may be needed, between life and death
28 GaryThomas Nonsensical idea to close the A&E down, makes no sens at all.
29 JimmySutherland People do not plan when to have an accident, so A&E should be ready 24/7!
30 MichaelLaing  
31 annehowse pls keep this open we hav no way to get to belfast and our lives and those of our elderly community and babies are in danger
32 LyndseyMcQuaide Keep it open 24hours! It is essential for all of us in Lisburn. Please!
33 shirleylogan  
34 collettemcshane we need our a and e as it has helped my children when they were realy ill tks collette
35 jacquiroberts My son very likely would have died if it had not been for Lagan Valley A&E there is no way we would have made it to Belfast in time.
36 SimonWebb-Crothers Absolute disgrace!
37 lyndseyshaw I think its silly that lisburn has to loose their a&e department specially for the ones who don't drive like me or a single mum with small kids
38 patricianaismith  
39 TomWhyte  
40 GaryBoal  
41 AlanNesbitt  
42 EveMcFarlane  
43 MaggiGray  
44 fionaMooney  
45 PaulineIrvine Not everyone is able to drive and if it closes there's no buses or trains overnight so are we supposed to suffer till the next morning to get treatment??? Also where kids are concerned what's going to happen?
46 nicolafella Keep it open!!
47 JonathanCorry needs to be kept open 24/7!
48 SarahMcCutcheon I find it ridiculous that a hospital Accident and Emergency is getting its hours cut as it's a hospital department it needs to be open 24 hours a day.
49 AvrilPerry It is ridiculous for a city the size of Lisburn not to have an A&E. RVH is already under pressure without adding all of Lisburn's patients into the mix & I'm sure it will severely increase the no. of ambulances being called when not really needed.
50 CarsonPerry