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101 EvelynStorey This is disgrace closing A&E Lisburn from 8pm at night. This will put more pressure on the ambulance services and also waiting times on the Belfast hospitals. I feel sorry for the elderly and people with no cars.
102 GillianParker  
103 DavidOrr  
104 CatherineCartwright  
105 DavidAdair  
106 cathrinegarrett the people of lisburn area NEED an a&e...if this closes the "city" should just go back 2 being a town after all how can a city not have an a&e???
107 FionaDunne  
108 SteveK Lisburn resident Its vital that this unit is a 24hr A+E - have a bitta sense will you before people die - on your hands be it if you close or reduce these hours and staffing
109 rebeccamcilhatton  
110 RebekahAdams  
111 sadiemc meekin we need the a&e to be open 24hrs
112 MarkDale Keep it open!!!
113 GaryWilloughby The City of Lisburn is constantly growing, we deserve to have a 24hr A&E..
114 KerryYoung  
115 allanmason I'm from Scotland and my wife received excellent treatment there in april this year
116 MarcL  
117 AnneSmyth  
118 LeahHammond  
119 ChrisWolfe Keep it open bloody government cut,,it's a disgrace u should be ashamed
120 sadiemagowan my husband received good treatment there last week after a bad fall
121 ellizabethkelly madness and at what price ?
122 JoanneJeffery  
123 ChristopherCousins  
124 TommyCampbell This is not a 9-5 job in Lisburn. Catch yourselves on
125 sonyabaker  
126 elaineadams We need a 24 hour A&E because as a parent and from the lisburn area its the security of if anything was 2 happen 2 me or my child I know it not 2 far away 2 be able 2 get medical help 24/7
127 EmmaRussell  
128 AnneJackson  
129 JoshuaColquhoun An utter disgrace of a plan.
130 izzycardy lisburn needs to have a proper 24hr A&E dept.
131 yvonnesimpson  
132 KristineHill  
133 AdinaJamison The time from 8pm-9am, when the A&E in Lagan Valley Hospital is closed, could risk someone's life as the majority of people today do not have transport and wouldn't be able 2 get to any other hospital.
134 PamelaBeatty  
135 ElaineLeathem  
136 CarolineNorcross I feel very angry that there is a sudden surge of talks of closures at A&E departments. Tell me how this can be justified? Patients lives must be put first. Hospitals are already under severe pressures and their staff. Please reconsider these decisions!!
137 clairecassling How can this be justified its a disgrace. The health care is bad at the min this has just made it worse. They need to sort it out a hospital is supposed to be open 24 hours not part time. Sort it!!!!!
138 DavidParkinson A city without a full time accident and emergency, think of peoples lives being put at risk? What about heart attack patients where every minute counts?? Disgusting decision
139 NicholaMcConnell A vital service that should be avaiable 24/7
140 evelynbrown  
141 IainSmith How can a CITY not have A&E cover 24/7? There will be blood on someone's hands if this goes ahead.
143 Nicolalambert  
144 TomP We are indebted to the staff of the LVH for the unrewarded work they have done in the past. As a respect to those staff A&E at the LVH must be retained - but we also need the support of our local councillors, MLA's & MP's
145 stevenlambert  
146 gillianmusgrave a city with no A&E are we not meant to get sick after 8 get real thought all humans had the right to medical care whatever time or day
147 darren musgrave  
148 TanyaHull I wouldn't be here today if LVH A&E hadn't been here, I wouldn't have made it to the Royal
149 LianneJones  
150 ColinAnderson