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Signatures for Keep Lisburn A&E open 24 Hours!

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301 NeilSmyth  
302 AndreaFord Absolute joke closing the a and e in lisburn!!
303 CarolBalmer  
304 PatricaKenny  
305 AngelaParkinson  
306 SaraIrvine  
307 KerryEastwood  
308 RachaelHook  
309 KathleenHutchings Keep our A&E open at night. What about people who have no transport??
310 AlanHook This is paramount to help support the community and its populous. It is a key cornerstone both in terms of wrap arround care and employment in the area
311 iolawhitten Lagan Valley is a CITY That needs a 24/7 A&E,
312 MaedbMc Keown  
313 adriennegorman  
314 angeleneloughran  
315 patrickbennett  
316 marissadixon  
317 EugeneLarkin Save A&E!!
318 JenniferMcCaugherty  
319 CathieBrannan  
320 FionaMcGarry  
321 RichardWilkinson Injurys aren't on the clock like the rest of us!
322 margarettebiggerstaff  
323 samanthawhite  
324 DebbieWilliams Totally disgusted in the part time status of our hospital. I can't help but wonder about people who don't drive or who can't afford to pay to get to Belfast. What are they supposed to do? OH YEAH ring for an ambulance, a service that's also under pressure
325 ConorSmyth Our hospitals are being strained enough without ANOTHER closure
326 jessicacairns It is a disgrace that Lagan Valley A&E hours are being reduced!!!!!!
327 HeatherStaniland  
328 ChrisMcCarthy  
329 KimBlack  
330 YiannisKoutsakos  
331 SandraPatterson  
332 laurawilkinson This is a total disgrace!!!!
333 ryangregory 24 hours!
334 LynneCain  
335 nicoladenvir  
336 SarahHill At the moment I am at University in Dundee. However, my family live in Lisburn and I will surely return. It makes me anxious to know that our so called city would not have the facilities to treat my family and friends if something happened out of hours!
337 NeilMcCallum  
338 WilliamGeddis  
339 janetkenny Think its a bloody disgrace that we as City!! dont have emergency services 24/7 who the hell does poots think he is to close such a vital thing that everyone needs! re-open LVH!!!
340 AlisonKavanagh  
342 MartinMcCauley LV Hosp A&E to stay !!
343 JoanneKinghan  
344 AlanNorth  
345 KarenWalsh  
346 traceydougherty its stupid closing the a&e as if u cant drive u have to get a taxi and not everyone can afford taxis these days.
347 alangraham This is the most necessary service in the City of Lisburn. I only wish one of our useless Lisburn City counselors had to use the service, and realize how important it is.
348 JenniferMagee-White  
349 Julie-AnneElwood  
350 LisaCree