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Signatures for Keep Lisburn A&E open 24 Hours!

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351 KerryHouston  
352 RhodaWalker  
353 SarahTrimble  
354 viviennenelson  
355 KerriGraham  
356 dianewatson  
357 StaceyMcC  
358 tinamccrudden  
359 NickSerb  
360 markdobbin  
361 LeahHull  
362 BSterling Please reopen.
363 NicolaLoyal Save our services!!!!
364 ElaineHarrison  
365 nicolamccaherty  
366 NicolaStevenson  
367 LaurenWilson Don't think my dd would have survived the trip to a belfast a&e, let's hope no other parents have to find out!
368 stephenmoiser  
369 sineadmcardle  
370 EugeneCunnigham Keep Lisburn A&E open, the worst can and will happen and it'll involve a U turn by the board
371 jemimadunsmore A growing City needs an A&E. Is money more important than saving lifes??? :-((
372 RachelHull How many lives will be lost in the time it takes someone to travel to Belfast from Lisburn when they need serious medical attention?
373 GlennCorscadden  
374 deirdrepatty Please keep lvh a&E opened we need this badly in lisburn
375 JaneDawson LVH A&E is very much needed in a place the size of Lisburn, hopefully a way will be found to reverse the 9-8 situation which is unrealistic.
376 JenineMcNab  
377 AmandaWilliamson Edwin Poots needs his feckin arse kicked, The stupid bugger!! It is vital that the Lisburn A&E stays open, its a matter of life and death. Those folks on the hill should take a paycut!!!!!
378 HollyBoyd  
379 ThomasYoung Lisburn is a City & as such deserves a proper, fully functional hospital that is fully staffed. There are more than enough hospitals in Belfast. Give the LVH some of the jnr docs from other hospitals in Belfast.
380 AlishaTandon keep it open!
381 LynnO'Donnell  
382 Marie-ThereseSheepwash  
383 lisapatton  
384 gemmamcardle  
385 shannonsavage SAVE A&E
386 trevormaxwell wots someone in lagan valley area to do for instance if sumthin shud happen and they need a+e and have no transport?
387 lisaarmstrong Lisburn is so big and queues are already so big at a&e what is it going to be like when all of us have to go to belfast as well as the surrounding areas? It is a disgrace!!
388 BarryLundy Viva La Resistance!!!
389 chrisnesbitt imagine, a city with no a&e
390 ShirleyMcClatchey  
391 ClaireMaxwell  
392 AaronCallaghan This cannot be allowed to happen. It is totally impractical.
393 SusanBrown Please keep hospital open 24 hrs it is such peace of mind when you hsve a young family Thank you
394 EmmaMoulds Ridiculous that two stupid looking giant balls are built in the middle of belfast before anyone would think of using the money to provide our area with better health care!! Open your eyes people we need lisburn a & e open 24/7 people could die!!!
395 clairemontgomery we need our a and e to stay open think its mad how the health service has changed over the years
396 billie jomontgomery keep a&e open the city needs it
397 arronmontgomery keep a&e open
398 chelseamontgomery  
399 jamesmcfarlane  
400 claremcfarlane