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Signatures for Keep Lisburn A&E open 24 Hours!

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401 billie jomontgomery  
402 GillianCowan Keep it open
403 KathrynJess  
404 kevinfinnegan  
405 VictorTait If the MLA's etc etc took half pay for a year or two or whatever is required. This would help/pey to keep the 24/7 A&E at the LVH open.
406 ChristopherBeckett Absolute Joke!!!
407 ClaireDixon  
408 clairemcguigan  
409 DawnAdams  
410 christinayoung Keep it 24/7 . How we ment to get to a hospital in critical times !?
411 DavidMartin It's a joke that a hospital in a so called city can't stay open for 24hrs
412 DavidBates When Lisburn is ment to be a city do the council not think that an A&E is important to be there or do they just bow down to Belfast.
413 ElaineMorrow  
414 lynmckay people don't have accidents to order! we need A&E 24 hours
415 SarahMcMullan Lagan Valley A&E is a vital need for the community with many people relying on this service being available when they need it. It is a city center therefore SHOULD have a 24/7 emergency department.
416 williamcrossey  
417 nicolamcdonnell  
418 PamelaCooper Let's Do What We Can To Stop Valuable Services Being Axed. This Is An Excellent Hospital, And We Need To Keep It Open 24 hours!!!
419 JemmaRichardson As a student nurse it is ridiculous that the job oportunities for myself in my home town are slowly depleting..
420 MargaretCraig  
421 JamesCraig  
422 SylviaPetticrew  
423 NatashaBruce  
424 RobertaTodd Keep it open.. Lisburn needs it..
425 SamanthaBlack  
426 JemmaBorland  
427 julieblack  
428 GregoryDixon  
429 ShaneMcGIll  
430 markgray  
431 philipjefferson  
432 SusannahGray  
433 laurafraser this is dangerous and should not be allowed to happen to a city.
434 peterfraser lives will be lost if this is allowed to happen
435 stephenbelshaw total disgrace Lisburn city needs and A&E FULL TIME
436 alysonhewitt I spent last night in RVH with my parents who were involved in a car accident. my Father who is ex RUC(retired)had to spend 5 hours in a place were when he was working was not even allowed to visit! seems we have given everything!!
437 WilliamMolyneaux The residents of Hillsborough, Dromore and the surrounding rural areas will also lose out should the LVH A&E be closed. From Dromore, the journey to the next closest A&E would be twice as long - to Belfast, Newry or Craigavon.
438 Thomas HMillar  
439 PeteSeaton we need this vital resource open 24/7 NOW
440 katemercer stop the cuts
441 DojyAntony  
442 HeatherIrwin A city without an A&E - you're having another laugh - Belfast or Craigavon - too far away in a real emergency.
443 LukeThompson  
444 WynnStewart I am disabled and have had to use the facilities at Lagan Valley before and may need to in the future.
445 NicolaMartin  
446 JonnyMiller Closing the A&E at night is a total joke. If the government wants to save a few £, get the coucellors to take a pay cut, and cut out all the wee private functions and company cars(which I'm sure they dont pay tax on)