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51 ColinShepherd  
52 NormanCampbell  
53 LorraineYarr  
54 tracylowry  
55 ChristopherRogers Lisburn is a city (thats a laugh) and the 3rd most populated in NI. This is just another embarrassment for the residents. A dangerous and life threatening embarrassment.
56 AdelineWilliamson Lisburn is a city! We need or A&E services 24/7. People in country already have to travel a good distance to reach Lagan Valley which is always busy, it is not acceptable to ask them to travel further and no doubt wait for longer. Put ur people 1st!
57 BeverleyLyons Absurd to be even considering this, just had a baby and had to travel to Donald hospital during the night when I had urine infections completely ridiculous not to mention the small fortune on taxis!!!
58 Victoriacairns  
59 PaulWolfe Stop the cuts save our services.
60 garethclayton Bloody joke sort it out
61 kimo'neill Lagan valley emergency department should stay open as this will only put more pressure other hospitals. Lisburn need this department open at all times.
62 KellyRuddock waiting times in hospitals are long enough as it is never mind everyone going to the royal! i can also see an increase in ambulance calls as people wont take the risk driving the longer distance with some accidents and emergencies, who will that benefit?
63 TraceyRedmond It shud def b open 24hrs !!
64 KennethTopping  
65 GillianShaw Keep it open!!!!
66 DeniseCopeland  
67 WendyTinsley  
68 RyanPatterson Have a bit of sense cut your wage packet instead!
69 glennwaring this is ridiculous.the waiting times are already bad in all the hospitals without doing this sometimes you wonder do our politicians have a brain.mr poots if you want votes dont worry about shopping centres worry about peoples health
70 ShannonJohnston  
71 gillianrankin  
72 KeithBoe What a stupifyingly in coordinated decision to close the hospital.
73 EimirMcKegney  
74 LouiseDixon  
76 GavinDunsire  
77 RossToomey Keep Lisburn A&E open 24hours!
78 ChristyWharton Putting closing hours is completely absurd! People don't plan when they're going to have an accident! They're ready to risk lives to save a bit of money, it's ridiculous!
79 garethbabbs stop sending all are money to other countrys and funding immigrants and take care of us!
80 JoshFoster Yes!
81 JeanMagennis  
82 AimeeFrew  
83 StevenMcCormick I hope it helps :) x
84 karenJohnson  
85 michaeldocherty Should be kept open,because it serves such a large community.
86 christineorford This is ridiculous to even think about closing a much needed a&e city of lisburn with no a&e what r we supposed to do in an emergency .
87 JudithWatson  
88 ShelleyRichardson  
89 IanKennedy  
90 nicolaprentice this area needs a full time A&E - its too far to go to Belfast or Craigavon!
91 Dee-AnnHarvey  
92 GemmaWatters  
93 JamesSmith  
94 CarolynGamble Please keep it open
95 patriciadavidson we really need lagan valley hospital a@ e. as alot of people dont have cars to travel to belfast. it means most people will need an ambulance then it will put a strain on them.
96 GraemeMcFatter  
97 GaryMulcahy It is disgusting to see politicians cut vital services that people depend on so much for a crisis caused by the banks and the rich. Ordinary people should stand up against all cuts! Gary Mulcahy, Stop the Cuts Campaign
98 AishlingMcCutcheon  
99 SylviaThompson Disgraceful! Let's hope my son doesn't need the hospital in an emergency, we don't drive. The people of Lisburn will suffer.
100 NaomiGibson